Behind the Scenes at Moso

Moso offers a collection of wardrobe essentials that are incredibly versatile, exceptionally functional and eco-friendly.


Born in a tropical climate, the concept of Moso came from the idea of a functional fabric that would keep you cool on the beach. Our collection of bamboo shirts offers an upgrade for this wardrobe essential and will take you from office to beach club to brunch.


Along with keeping you cool, bamboo fabric will insulate you when a breeze hits and has a heap of other functional benefits. And not only is it superior to wear, but bamboo is also the most eco-friendly fibre on the planet, using less water and land to grow, no chemicals and reducing the amount of CO2/increasing the amount of oxygen in the air more than any other types of tree.


Our styles are simple, with an emphasis on cut. While the high street is overflowing with fashion that will drown your wallet and overwhelm you when getting dressed, we prefer to stick to a more minimalist approach - pieces that can be worn to create different looks for different occasions and always look classy. 


Our fabric suppliers are carefully selected and we source directly from mills with GOTS, OEKO-TEX 100 and ISO certifications. Our clothing is manufactured in Sri Lanka, a pioneering country in ethical clothing manufacturing. Our marketing materials are made of FSC-certified paper and as much as possible we use eco-friendly trims.

Altogether, we kind of like the concept and we hope you will too. 

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